Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can I get a package of documents on the same day?
Since 2016, US Immigration Services require a gonorrhea test (urinalysis). Due to the fact that the results of the analysis are ready only on the next day after the inspection, documents can be issued only on the next day (when passing the medical examination on Friday, the package of documents will be ready on Monday).

  • When is the best time to make an appointment?
Usually, the interview at the US Consulate is done on Tuesdays, so it will be more convenient for you to make an appointment on Thursday or Friday. The package with the results of the medical examination can be received from 8.00 every day (except Saturday and Sunday).

  • What currency is the payment for the physical?
According to the legislation of the Republic of Kazakhstan, payment can be made in cash in Tenge or by payment card (VISA, MASTER CARD).

  • Is it necessary to have a vaccination passport / vaccination card for adults?
In accordance with US law, every immigrant must be vaccinated against certain diseases. Having a certificate of previously received vaccinations will facilitate the decision-making process regarding the required vaccinations, but if this is not available, your doctor will determine which vaccinations you need to meet US requirements.

  • If my child has not been vaccinated for medical reasons, will they be put during an immigration medical examination?
In this case, the final decision is made by the physician conducting the physical.

  • Is the Mantoux reaction necessary for children?
Yes, for the passage of the medical exam children aged 2 to 14 years inclusive must provide the results of the Mantoux test, conducted during the previous 12 months.

  • What to do in case of a positive Mantoux test?
In the case of a positive Mantoux test, the child is supposed to undergo a chest X-ray (cost of 6.000 Tenge). The chest x-ray is performed only at an accredited center, the direction of the chest x-ray is issued after a medical examination at the IMC.

  • Where can I make a Mantoux test?
Mantoux test is made only in public clinics / tubes dispensaries at the place of residence.

  • Can I refuse vaccination for subjective reasons / moral convictions?
You can always refuse vaccination, but this does not guarantee a visa. Only the Consul can make the final decision.

  • For which category of visa can I not be vaccinated?
Since the bride and groom visa (K1) is not immigration, applicants for this category of visas may refuse to be vaccinated on the day of the medical examination.

  • I have undergone a chest x-ray just recently. Do I have to repeat it or can I bring “old” results?
In accordance with the requirements of the US Immigration Service, radiography should be performed only at an accredited center. Thus, your snapshot is NOT valid and a repeat study is required.

  • I am pregnant. Do I have to pass a chest x-ray?
To obtain an immigration visa, pregnant women must also undergo an x-ray examination of the lungs. They must sign an informed consent form before passing the survey. The radiation dose received during the examination is small and not dangerous, plus, the X-ray time of the abdominal cavity and pelvic organs are protected by the lead apron provided.

  • What documents are needed for the category: refugees and political refugees?
For these categories, the set of documents is the same as for other categories of visas. The only difference is that a chest radiograph is issued not only on disk but also in a printed version.

  • If I have tuberculosis or are sick now, will they give me a visa?
The decision on this issue is made by the doctor conducting a physical examination. If you are sick with tuberculosis at the moment, exit permits can only be obtained after the end of treatment. If you have had tuberculosis in the past, in some cases, an additional examination may be necessary (sputum smear examination for acid-fast bacilli (AFB) and mycobacterial culture, with results after three months of monitoring). The scope of examination is determined by the doctor on the basis of the examination and radiography data.

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