U.S. Embassy Immigration Visa Exams

U.S. Embassy Immigration Visa Exam

U.S. Embassy Immigration Visa Exam

States Embassy in Nur-Sultan and Consulate General in Almaty are cancelling routine immigrant and nonimmigrant visa appointments through the next 30 days

You can make an appointment for an Immigration exam by calling us at +7-727-3786464 from 9 am – 6 pm.

Immigration medical exams are performed daily, from 8-11am, except weekends and holidays.

Medical exam includes:

  • Doctor’s visit,
  • Syphilis test
  • Gonorrhoea urine test (ready the next day)
  • Chest X-ray (for persons >15 years old) - done at a different site, about 15 minutes away from IMC
  • Vaccinations, if needed

All paperwork will be ready the next day. If you have a medical exam on Friday, paperwork will be ready on Monday.

After making an appointment for your Immigration medical exam, please, email the following documents at imcalmaty02@gmail.com:

  1. The front page of your foreign passport (the one with the photo)
  2. Invitation letter from the Consulate with the Case number
  3. Current address with zip code (in English)
  4. Address in the USA
  5. Your Email address and cell phone number
  6. Work/position, school/university/grade

On the day of your medical exam you must bring:

  1. Passport (including children’s)
  2. 5 colour photos, size 3x4 cm, with matted back
  3. Medical records with information about past vaccinations. Original of the medical chart with the vaccinations is preferable.
  4. Invitation letter for the interview at the US Consulate
  5. For children 2-14 years old - documented results of the IGRA test result, conducted at the National Science Center of Phthisiopneumology, Almaty. The test has to be administered within 12 months of exam date.

After the medical examination, you will be issued a sealed envelope with documents for an interview at the US Consulate, as well as a copy of the vaccination card. You will need a copy of the vaccination card in the United States when registering a child for school/kindergarten or for employment. According to the rules of the US Consulate, copies of the vaccination card are not issued if the vaccination card is lost. In this case, it is recommended to apply directly to the Consulate.

Medical examination fees (not including vaccinations):

for persons older, then 15 years old – 50,000 Tenge (includes chest Xray and lab tests) since October 1st, 2019

for persons younger, then 15 years old –30,000 Tenge

Our address is Gagarina Ave, 311A, corner of Kozhabekova str.